Monday, December 10, 2012


A composition of photos off my phone. (from left to right, then down)

1. my best friend's dog, Max - sahh cuteee
2. Korean shallots & seafood pancake: soo good
3. sweet-as vase at the Newcastle Art Gallery
4. stuck at Hamilton Station cause someone lost their phone ;)
5. went hat shopping
6. had a really big banana at work the other day
7. attempted to make black seasame froyo - it did not end well
8. $5 for two at woolies, these bottles look so sleek
9. green tea & taro swirls: delicious I'm drooling looking at it
10. I wanted to feel childish
11. 'fresh splendid fish' $17.99/kg
12. went to the dentists, he says braces come off early February - fingers crossed, I want them off before I turn 18.