Wednesday, December 26, 2012


grey open cardi (Cotton On) - $5
mulberry shorts (Cotton On) - $15
baby pink sleeveless button down (Cocolatte) - $12
heeled ankle boots (Rubi) - $40
gold watch (Grandma's gift) 
I know, I know, I've worn these shorts for like three days straight - don't worry they're in the wash now. Today I went Boxing Day shopping in the city with dah best friend. Bought quite a bit and I can't wait to wear the pieces. The sales were pretty insane, we had to line up to get into Topshop and Glue. It was so packed, it was crazy. In some stores it was just horrible, like body heat and bad BO - you just wanted to die. The lines to the change rooms, oh my god, they were ridiculous. Don't even get me started on the line to just pay. But I guess if you end up buying stuff you like, then it's all worth it. Overall, it was a pretty productive shopping day. Today I realised how good it felt to buy clothes, knowing you've dropped dress sizes. Like even just thinking, oh the medium's too big - its like dang that felt good. 

Saw the cutest pickup line today, it went something along the lines of  "The prettiest girl is the girl with the biggest smile" - so true.