Sunday, December 23, 2012

say nothing

diamond sunset top (Cotton On) - $10
mulberry shorts (Cotton On) - $15
gladiators - $10
gold watch (Grandma's gift)

 Hey, hi, hello.

So this week has been an alright week - more work, less play. I spent most of my week working - 4 days in a row - what you get for being a christmas casual, the week before christmas. I get home and don't feel like doing anything so I've just been watching Once Upon A Time, it's not bad. But, I want to sew some skirts for summer, yet I literally haven't had the time. I'm also in the midst of putting up home decor in my room and its all just a bit silly and crazy. The other day I bought a canvas print from Typo for five dollars and its still just sitting against the closet door cause I have no idea where I'm gonna put it. I also have this sudden urge to get combat boots but it's not really my style. However I've recently been exploring new ground with clothing, I'm buying and trying on clothes that I usually wouldn't. I guess its cause I've been dubbed #grandmagracie by my friends, so I'm trying to dress... younger and more my age LOL. Oh and we survived the apocalypse - thats a plus. hahas. Christmas is on its way - my family don't celebrate it so its not a big issue in my household. Then new years... then 2013. #lolwhuthowistimegoingsofast

Hope you're well and happy and merry and joyful.. and.. yeah.. I'm just gonna stop now.