Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the day before

red skirt with little black hearts (Cotton On) - $10
navy men's t-shirt (Big W) - $2.50
black flats (Rubi) - $5
authentic leather bag (Le Pelican) - mum's - $0 

Phew it was hot today. Summer weather, baby!
Went to work today. 
So tomorrow all us year 12-ers get our hsc results. Its hit me.. but hasn't hit me. Like it comes in stages, I think about it and my palms start sweating and my heart beats faster. Blahhhh I hate this.
On another note, three of my friends topped the state in three subjects: textiles, modern history (yes!) and economics - amazing, so proud of them.
I'm scared, argh. Here we go.