Sunday, December 16, 2012

the surprise

So about three months ago, my bestfriend's sister contacted me about doing a surprise 18th for her. My bestfriend, Vickie, already had her birthday in October, but her birthday was literally like 10 days before the HSC. So we talked of having it after the HSC. All this organising was going into place without Vickie having a single clue. It was hilarious cause when I saw her last Wednesday for our waterfight, she asked both my other bestfriend and I what we were up to, we both were like.. uhhhh you knoww..... nothing muccchhhhh just chilling at home, when in fact we were doing shopping for her gifts or making her present.

At some points I really wanted to tell her, about the stress, about how I would be on the phone with her sister all night - in particular this one-hour conversation about fondant. But I didn't want to be the one to ruin it.

Last night was a ball. My bud Rohan, hosted the program with me. When we wrote the speech for it, we were like yeah this is gonna be amazeballs. When we got on stage, we were like whatdaflip, this is so embarrassing. Hahahs. It was a night full of surprises - legit. One of my childhood friends came to perform a little magic show, my guy friends and Vickie's sister trolled me for not staying over on Friday night to bake cupcakes (I had to work!!!) but the list is endless. We later danced the night away, so much fun. All the girls were in heels and my friend Anika was like 'screw this I'm pulling out my thongs'. I later proceeded to wear my flats. Hahahs.

Vickie was surprised - which was the goal. I had heaps of fun and I hope she did too.