Thursday, January 31, 2013

lost at sea

 DIY muscle dip dye top - (might do a proper diy on this/not sure)
black skater skirt (Cotton On) - $10
black flats (Rubi) - $5
rose gold necklace (Cotton On) - $1

Oh what is this, double blogging in one day. I'm OCD when it comes to these things, I like my blogging to be neat - one post within one day - so this is out of the ordinary for moi. Anyways so today I had lunch with my friend Anika, where we hit Newton to soak in some of its atmosphere. There were a lot of bookstores surprisingly. We had lunch at Thai Pothong, quoted as the "Best Thai Place in Sydney". It was pretty good. We got these mocktails, it was some lime & lychee thing - mann that was some good stuff.

I later had a dentist appointment. I got my braces off. Finally. I had had them on for a total of about 16 months or so. It felt so strange at first cause I looked in the mirror and I was just thinking.. that's not Gracie. I had gotten so use to a braceface I forgot what I looked like without braces. I'm pretty happy with the end result, I had a couple of ugly teeth before so its good to know I can smile now with neat teeth.


\\\ no more brace faced gracie


black crop top (Cotton On) - $6.50
aztec print bodycon skirt (Tattoo) - $5
spiked necklace (Cotton On) - $1
heeled ankle boots (Rubi) - $40
grey open cardi (Cotton On) - $5 

I legit do not know what I'm doing with my face in all of these photos. Anyways so this was yesterdays outfit and boy was yesterday quite an interesting day. First up my best friend and I went to donate blood for the first time. I was pretty nervous so my heart beat was high and the lady kept asking if I was okay to give blood. I didn't feel faint or anything so it was all good. Afterwards we got these incredibly delicious chocolate milkshakes and some snacks to energise up. I later headed to work, I kinda got a second job cause I cray like that. It was my first shift and it was not bad. Night time came and after work I went over to my mate, Rohan's, for a little BBQ to celebrate his acceptance into uni - sahh proud of him. To change up the outfit for a night look, I got rid of the cardigan and put on this funky spiked necklace. Interesting day, yah?!


Monday, January 28, 2013



Whats up?!

Today my bestfriends and I went on the Thunder Jet Speed Boat. I mean great weather for it today you know, the sun was no where to be seen and the Harbour Bridge was a foggy mist. But #yolo right?! hahahs. Drenched in all sorts of place, I had to go to work after. My hair was tangled beyond tangled but oh wells.


Friday, January 25, 2013

time and place

high-waisted denim cuttoffs (Levis) - $5 - thrifted
magenta peter pan collared top (White Closet) - $7
thongs (Kmart) - $2
gold watch (Grandma's gift) 



Went Cockatoo island today for a little picnic with my mate Jenny. Munching on divine salmon sandwiches and puffy profiteroles, we chilled with music and magazines. Cool.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

paint day

Paint day 2013! LOL

Grabbing paint, brushes and canvases, my best friends and I spent the day painting at my place. It was pretty relaxing process and I realised how much I had missed painting for leisure. Some of the paintings didn't turn out the way we had planned, but with that each piece had its own character.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

seeing red

white chiffon button up top (Cotton On) - $15
floral bottoms (Dotti/got at markets) - $5
black flats (Rubi) - $5
authentic leather bag (Le Pelican) - mum's - $0 

Today I went into USYD to enrol into my course, it was a really strange feeling cause I was just thinking, gosh I'm actually going to university this year. But it was pretty chill. Later I met up with some lovely friends and had lunch. I got this nacho dish, and I could barely finish half of it. :(

Uhm onto the outfit, I've kinda been loving this blouse, its so flowy and chic for summer and pairs well with basically everything. The shorts, skorts? hahas loving them, got a compliment from a random today LOL which was interestingly odd. 

Sahh. yeahh.. thats basically it for today. okays. bye.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

market day

Yesterday my best friends and I went thrifting, bargain hunting or more specifically it was market day in Sydney. First up we hit Balmain Markets, which was kind of a let down cause they didn't have much stuff. So we strolled over to Rozelle. On the way we stopped by Adriano Zumbro Patissier, where I had a macaroon for the first time - I got a butter caramel one - wayy too sugary. Anyways getting to Rozelle, the bustling market atmosphere engulfed us we were invited into a packed market place. With numerous little stands and stores we made our way around. There were heaps of antique handcraft, old toys, old books, coins and anything imaginable. Everywhere you turned there was something new to look at. I managed to pick up a pair of Levi high-waisted denims for five dollars and just flipped out in happiness. We later made our way to Glebe where we had lunch in a cafe. Glebe markets was more fashion/clothes based compared to the previous two markets, which was the cherry to the ice cream. I manage to thrift an H&M jumper for $10 and a floral pair of Dotti high-waisted shorts for $5 (I decided to change into them later on). Hungry and wanting to get out of the growing sprinkling rain, we dashed into Sappho Books Cafe for some coffee. The cafe was adorable as it was half cafe, half a book store. You could sip coffee and immerse yourself in books. Overall it was an amazing day, especially to be reunited with mah biffles, cause one of them had just gotten back from the US. Can't wait to check out more markets in the future.