Tuesday, January 8, 2013

diy | geometric canvas wall print

As the summer sets in on a forty-three degrees day in Sydney, I decided to stay home and cool off and chill. Today's no weather to be messing around in. With the fans blasted on at the highest notch: 3, I laid back for a day infront of the computer watching the newest episode of Revenge. However, I'm a fidgety one, so I just had to multitask. Grabbing an old new canvas that was collecting dust and some paint I made this little bad boy, a geometric canvas wall print. Diy time seems like such a lost past time with me these days. So while multitasking, I snapped a couple of pics for a swifty little tutorial.

You will need:

- paint: I didn't want to use my good paints, so I just grabbed this kiddy acrylic set
- canvas: whatever size works
- paintbrushes
- tape: painters tape works best, but I found that scotch tape worked the same

Step 1
Map out what you want your print to look like, where you want the lines to go

Step 2:
With the tape, tape down your lines

Step 3:
And paint, I chose a pastel palate and hence really loading up on that white paint.

Step 4:
Let dry and peel the tape off.

Step 5:
Done! Looks not bad I reckon for a silly afternoon activity.

Decided to make another one for fun.