Tuesday, January 15, 2013

diy / splatter crop top

Diy baby!

Ahkays, so today I made this "cosmic" inspired (didnt turn out as cosmic as i wanted it) crop top, turned splatter. 
It's really easy! Here we go!

Step 1:
You're gonna need a black tee, I got mine from the dollar store for a couple of bucks and a pair of scissors (fabric ones work best)

Step 2:
   (from left to right then down - realised I forgot to number this one)

Cut the sleeves off.
Then go back and mark where you want the shoulders to sit, I wanted mine to not be so wide at the top. 
I also made the arm holes deeper - it's kinda what's trending around at the moment.

Step 3:
Cut off the marked ends and then fold over to repeat.
Wear the top and mark a point at where you want it to end - mine's around my belly button.
Then cut off the excess.

Now you have the crop top.

Step 4:
For the design you will need:

- the black crop top
- a spray bottle with some bleach and water
- a cup
- a brush
- bleach
- gloves

NB: It's best to take this outdoors cause the smell can get quite overwhelming and it's easier to clean up.

Step 5:
Splatter and spray the bleach. For big blotches or splashes, just pour the beach in sections.

Don't forget the back.

Step 6:
The longer you leave it to dry, the lighter the splotches of beach become. So wait till you have your desired look. To stop it from bleaching further just wash your top with some soapy water.

With different types of black shirts, the bleach stains will vary. It just depends on what colour based ink the manufacturers' used. It's best to wash this top separately, just in case there is any left over bleach still in the top - you don't want your favourite red dress turning pink.