Thursday, January 31, 2013


black crop top (Cotton On) - $6.50
aztec print bodycon skirt (Tattoo) - $5
spiked necklace (Cotton On) - $1
heeled ankle boots (Rubi) - $40
grey open cardi (Cotton On) - $5 

I legit do not know what I'm doing with my face in all of these photos. Anyways so this was yesterdays outfit and boy was yesterday quite an interesting day. First up my best friend and I went to donate blood for the first time. I was pretty nervous so my heart beat was high and the lady kept asking if I was okay to give blood. I didn't feel faint or anything so it was all good. Afterwards we got these incredibly delicious chocolate milkshakes and some snacks to energise up. I later headed to work, I kinda got a second job cause I cray like that. It was my first shift and it was not bad. Night time came and after work I went over to my mate, Rohan's, for a little BBQ to celebrate his acceptance into uni - sahh proud of him. To change up the outfit for a night look, I got rid of the cardigan and put on this funky spiked necklace. Interesting day, yah?!