Thursday, January 31, 2013

lost at sea

 DIY muscle dip dye top - (might do a proper diy on this/not sure)
black skater skirt (Cotton On) - $10
black flats (Rubi) - $5
rose gold necklace (Cotton On) - $1

Oh what is this, double blogging in one day. I'm OCD when it comes to these things, I like my blogging to be neat - one post within one day - so this is out of the ordinary for moi. Anyways so today I had lunch with my friend Anika, where we hit Newton to soak in some of its atmosphere. There were a lot of bookstores surprisingly. We had lunch at Thai Pothong, quoted as the "Best Thai Place in Sydney". It was pretty good. We got these mocktails, it was some lime & lychee thing - mann that was some good stuff.

I later had a dentist appointment. I got my braces off. Finally. I had had them on for a total of about 16 months or so. It felt so strange at first cause I looked in the mirror and I was just thinking.. that's not Gracie. I had gotten so use to a braceface I forgot what I looked like without braces. I'm pretty happy with the end result, I had a couple of ugly teeth before so its good to know I can smile now with neat teeth.


\\\ no more brace faced gracie