Sunday, January 20, 2013

market day

Yesterday my best friends and I went thrifting, bargain hunting or more specifically it was market day in Sydney. First up we hit Balmain Markets, which was kind of a let down cause they didn't have much stuff. So we strolled over to Rozelle. On the way we stopped by Adriano Zumbro Patissier, where I had a macaroon for the first time - I got a butter caramel one - wayy too sugary. Anyways getting to Rozelle, the bustling market atmosphere engulfed us we were invited into a packed market place. With numerous little stands and stores we made our way around. There were heaps of antique handcraft, old toys, old books, coins and anything imaginable. Everywhere you turned there was something new to look at. I managed to pick up a pair of Levi high-waisted denims for five dollars and just flipped out in happiness. We later made our way to Glebe where we had lunch in a cafe. Glebe markets was more fashion/clothes based compared to the previous two markets, which was the cherry to the ice cream. I manage to thrift an H&M jumper for $10 and a floral pair of Dotti high-waisted shorts for $5 (I decided to change into them later on). Hungry and wanting to get out of the growing sprinkling rain, we dashed into Sappho Books Cafe for some coffee. The cafe was adorable as it was half cafe, half a book store. You could sip coffee and immerse yourself in books. Overall it was an amazing day, especially to be reunited with mah biffles, cause one of them had just gotten back from the US. Can't wait to check out more markets in the future.