Thursday, February 28, 2013

utter with me

denim button up shirt - thrifted - $5
white t-shirt (H&M)
mulberry shorts (Cotton On) - $15
black vans dupes (Big W) - $4
leather bag - thrifted - $12

Back on the outfits band-wagon hey?!

Today's outfit to USYD Oweek. We had the Architecture First-Years intro lecture - it was quite long. But it kinda got me freaking out about the fact that I'm starting uni - like actually. No more holidays man. And is anyone else a little scared? Or is it just me?

Sidenote: with the clothes that I bought in China, it's too hard to do the price conversion with each clothing item and plus I've lost the tags with most of them. So.. yeah. 
I read a lot of other blogs and bloggers rarely put the RRP for clothing items. I still remember one of the first reasons I started this blog was to kind of express how - inexpensive clothes/expensive clothes - no matter the price, it's always about how you wear it. If you get a good decent buy and it looks dang good on you - I mean its a win-win. I'm not saying this about me, but like everyone should.. I don't know.. consider this..


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

photo diary: china trip 2013

// The Canton Tower //


Hey there,

So I've been MIA for two weeks but I'm back home now. In January, the idea of traveling to China had been mentioned around, as I was the only one available to go in the family, I packed my bags and went - by myself. It was my first time traveling alone (overseas), so I guess it was a pretty big step for me.

In Guangzhou, I spent most of my time shopping and eating. And shopping and eating. So half the photos in this photo diary is basically food. I ate at "The Best Wonton Soup In GZ" - where this eighty-eight year old lady made the wontons and had been making them for the past 60 years - her little store was known as 'Grandma's Wontons'. I ate at "The Best Beef/Pork/Lamb Soup in GZ" - the line for this place was huge and it served its name well. I ate poop icecream at restaurant called "Toilet" where you literally sat on toilets as seats.

I loved looking at the architecture, embracing the culture and the people. You embody yourself into their customs and their habits. I was happy to spend most of my time with my grandparents and family, seeing as I don't see them often. It was pleasing to watch my grandparents squabble and argue at each other and then laugh. Their relationship was kind of inspiring - spending the rest of their lives with the one they love. Proof of marriages that last.

On one of my last days there, there was what they called the Lantern Festival/ Chinese Valentine's Day. Not exactly sure, but they had a parade and I was amazed at how many people showed up. It was packed with thousands. 

I can't wait to go back. But I'm glad to be home for now.

So what's happening now? Well I start uni next week so that's gonna be interesting. A new chapter. A new start. This week's orientation.

Also once I get some more coat hangers and clean out my closet (hopefully by next Monday), I'm gonna try and do a haul of what I bought.

Also lol, I kinda went a little cray in this photo diary: I think there's 77 photos. Whoops.

Hope all is well!