Sunday, February 10, 2013

cny + color run

Sunday Funday

Hey y'allll?! no? alright then.

Today and I mean today is Chinese New Year. Gong hei fat choy! Muahahhaha
This morning at 12 in the morning, my dad and I went to the temple to pay respects and bring luck for the new year. It was packed with people, the burning incenses and the smoke made the experience pretty unreal. I've never been before at midnight, so it was a first I was glad to cross off my bucket list. The culture and the intensity was invigorating - well as invigorating it could really be at such heinous hours.

Anyways 9 hours later, I was up and ready for The Swisse Color Run. My best friends and I had planned to do this ages ago and were pretty geed for the day. It was fun, most of it. I kinda died from dehydration and heat and dehydration - I'm one of them water freaks, all my mates know this: I religiously bring 1.5L water bottles around town. heh. They think I cray, I say 8 cups a day. Woo I'm on a roll tonight LOL. I think these ridiculous activities are taking its toll. But yeah, heaps of fun!

So unfortunately I didn't get onto my 'what's in my suitcase' post - cause I realised I didn't really pack much - but be expecting a huge haul post with photos of like everything I got, when I get back.

I'm heading out and over tomorrow morning. I've been told my blog is blocked in China, so I doubt I'll be able to blog but uhm Instagram isn't, so follow me @onlygracie or just here cause I have a feeling I'm gonna be just snapping photos at everything while I'm there. Talk soon.