Friday, February 1, 2013


high-waisted denim cuttoffs (Levis) - $5 - thrifted
baby pink sleeveless button down (Cocolatte) - $12
black vans dupes (Big W) - $4
gold watch (Grandma's gift) 

Today's outfit yo! One of my really good friends is moving away for Uni and today we had a little farwell thing. Mannn I'm gonna miss her so much, she was my first friend at my new school in 2011, so she has a special place in my heart - she took me in hahas. Love you heaps, Molly ;)

These were taken at dusk, after a stormy afternoon of heavy rain and thunderstorms, still gloomy and wet, the lighting was poor and after a crappy day where, my wallet ripped and my shoes were soaking wet, I really didn't know what to think in these shots. So I put on my best smile and simple just went with it. 


currently listening & loving: Clarity by Zedd - amazing song.