Thursday, February 28, 2013

utter with me

denim button up shirt - thrifted - $5
white t-shirt (H&M)
mulberry shorts (Cotton On) - $15
black vans dupes (Big W) - $4
leather bag - thrifted - $12

Back on the outfits band-wagon hey?!

Today's outfit to USYD Oweek. We had the Architecture First-Years intro lecture - it was quite long. But it kinda got me freaking out about the fact that I'm starting uni - like actually. No more holidays man. And is anyone else a little scared? Or is it just me?

Sidenote: with the clothes that I bought in China, it's too hard to do the price conversion with each clothing item and plus I've lost the tags with most of them. So.. yeah. 
I read a lot of other blogs and bloggers rarely put the RRP for clothing items. I still remember one of the first reasons I started this blog was to kind of express how - inexpensive clothes/expensive clothes - no matter the price, it's always about how you wear it. If you get a good decent buy and it looks dang good on you - I mean its a win-win. I'm not saying this about me, but like everyone should.. I don't know.. consider this..