Monday, March 4, 2013

china buys

Hey there,

So I've racked up a couple of my China buys in this little post. Last week my best friend came over and helped clean and organise my closet (thank you! greatly appreciated).
Seven sweaters in China - with prices ranging from $5AUD to $15AUD (bargains).
Two dresses one from MinkPink and one thats wayy too short.
Mac Russian Red the lipstick and their Turquatic perfume - smells sensational.
I also got this big coat cause there were some pretty chilly days up there. Love it, I've been looking into getting a camo coat.
Lastly I was thinking about getting the Fujifilm Instax 210, but was having doubts. However my aunt gave me the #yolo #justbuyit sign. So yeah, I got it. It's a hunk-a-chunk bit of a tool, but I love the photos it produces. Most of the other clothes I got were just basics: tees, jeans etccc.

Uni tomorrow, first day - let's do this!