Sunday, March 31, 2013


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Yesterday I cleaned up my room and to give it a new look, I put up some fairy lights. Inspired by some tumblring procrastination, my room is like a whimsical wonderland. Okay so that may be an exaggeration but you get my gist, it just feels more homey.
Summary of dah photos below:
- I also cleaned up my vanity table and reorganised it.
- I decided to use more glass tumblrs/jars and what nots to hold my random bits and bobs.
- chucked in a selfie cause #yolo, but I'm loving these pink nails hahahahahs
- I bought a pair of new sunnies cause I broke three pairs in the past month :3 I need a sunglasses case - that must be what it is.
- Mr Bump and Pooh Bear from the Easter show
- lastly, this is my model for communications. This is the third time I've made it. Second time I cut my thumb, so third time lucky? It turned out alright, I suppose. My lecturer has confused our whole cohort of first years by constantly re-editing his definition of what he wants with voids and elements. It's flipping confusing but I guess thats uni for yah. Now to do axonometric drawings LOL gettin a little too architectural here but yeah

also go check out OneRepublic's new album, Native - ermahgawd its pretty chill (not a promotional announcement hahas)