Tuesday, March 5, 2013

uni day uno

dark magenta lace top (H&M)
black skater skirt (H&M)
black socks (H&M)
black vans dupes (Big W) - $4

First day of uni today and yes it's done and dusted. Started the day off with a lecture introducing us to the course then we got split into groups for studio. In my group, there was this girl that was like 'hey are you Gracie?'. I was like HOLY CRAP SOMEONE KNOWS ME HERE. And since I've got my dad's bad genes of not being able to recognise people, I was awkwardly like.. uhm sorry do I know you. Turns out we'd met years ago at a friend's party, kind of all came rushing back to me. But yeah I was really glad that I'd met someone I knew I'd get along with easily in the course. Our task for the day was to bring 2D patterns into the 3D - which basically involved playing with paper and tape for four hours straight. Felt like I was in kindergarten :3