Friday, April 26, 2013

you told me we were fighters

cardigan (Yessica) - $10
plain white tee - $2.50
red skirt (Ladakh) - $10




Thursday, April 25, 2013

ladakh sale buys

Yesterday I went to the Ladakh Sample Sale in Surry Hills, with my matey-mates Vickie and Sarah. I picked up three pieces, all 10 dollars each. Pretty decent for a brand that retails for so much more. I've tried styling them and I realised they're kind of eccentric to my wardrobe but I think I can make them work.

My loss for the day was this loose white tank with triangle cut outs. I dropped it without realising and when I went to try it on I realised someone else had taken and bought it. I was devastated. Would've been perfect for Summer '14.

There was this girl whom bought $370 worth of clothes and I was like holy crap. For anyone interested, deets for the sale are here.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


tbh. these clothes - unbranded cause I literally bought them in China at those little boutique stores.

This jumper and the little pompoms remind me of mocap suits, those outfits they wear when they make like animations and people have like balls on their arms - like whut. LOL

I got home at what 5:30 today? and light was running out so quickly, the shots came out meh. The thing is, I would take photos in the morning but the thing is, that's when direct sunlight hits the wall and it just doesn't photograph well. Four o'clock is probably the best timing for it, but I'm usually not home at 4 and if I am home, it's probably a day I spent in my trackies. Dang.

Today I didn't have uni, but seeing as everyone was heading into studio to work anyways I decided to go. Also thanks to Anika, I've spent the past two days watching this tv show called Awkward. It's fucking brilliant. I've watched two seasons out of three. I need to stop, I have readings to do.


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Weekly wrap up, for yah on this Sunday in Sydney.

Uni // structure models. This is my crappy little 10 by 10 model. I thought it was pretty okay until I brought it in on tuesday and compared it to everyone else. It's meant to be a rock-climbing centre of some sort. I mean it has the contorted shape of a rock.. kinda... 

Had a catchup sesh with the bffs with sexy korean bbq for dinner. And beanies.. I've moved onto beanies despite disliking them for ages now - they've just grown on me. This black one is from H&M. The photo right below - represents how weird I am and can I just acknowledge everyone who puts up with my shenanigans - thank you, no srsly thank you.

Measured Fisher Library with my dad's tape measure LOL. 
Got my communications' assessment back. I got incredibly average in the hand-in drawings of my model (the one I mentioned here) and surprisingly good in my doors exam. I really got to pick up my game with drafting. It's all still very new to me.

I made an order for a Status Anxiety wallet a couple of days earlier and it arrived as a great end to the week. I got the Dakota wallet in chocolate. I also picked one up for mum cause it was her birthday and she needed a new wallet. win-win bro! Special thanks to Sarah for telling me about this brand.

Found these boots hidden in our shoe closet. They're mums. I've been looking for something similar - like those short horse riding boots - but the prices they retail at are redonkulous. The only problem I have with this pair is the front of the boot. I don't like the straight horizontal cut. I dunno maybe I'm being picky but I can't seem to bring myself to completely love them. #firstworldproblems. The rest of the photos are just snaps around my garden 

Discovered this song: Apollo by Hardwell - where have I been, omg dat beat. I have work in less than 3 hours - woo fun. I've been spending my procrastination time (yes I strangely have an allocated time for procrastinating, its a real problem) watching Anna Lee and Jesse's daily vlogs. I love them, they're so adorable and cool. lol. From them I've segwayed to watching Hey Claire's videos - watched this one last night (ermahgwad Misha is strangely so good looking). Youtube : home to hours of endless procrastination. sigh. 

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

the reckless and wild youth

navy top with floral detailing (Pull&Bear)
dark burgundy denim jeans (H&M)
military boots (Rubi)

Hey ho,

How is it already thursday matey?

Today's outfit is very autumn, very fall. Woo winter's on its way.
On my day off yesterday I went over to UNSW to visit friends and it was shocking at how you'd run into people every 10 seconds. Like wow. I'm enjoying uni, for the most part. There's a lot more freedom and its enriching learning stuff you're actually interested in. Today we measured a building with a tape measure. We did the library and by-passers were just like DAFUQ. I mean it's just funny when you tell people that we play with play dough or make models, their reactions ahahs.

Also shout out to Andrew LOL :)

This song and the lyrics //     Youth by Daughter

Sunday, April 14, 2013

vee's 18th

Day Outfit: 

Night Outfit: 

Day Outfit:
white sleeveless blouse (H&M)
black circle skirt (H&M)
black loafers (Rubi)
leather bag - thrifted - $12
sunnies (Kmart) - $5

Night Outfit:
white sleeveless blouse 
black and gold polka dot skirt
ankle boots (Rubi)
gold necklace 

Cheers for day to night outfits.
This was Saturday's outfit. I love how laid back the day time look is and how easily a sleeveless white button up can be dressed up and/or down. Last night we celebrated Vee's 18th, it was a good one, very chill very mellow.

Feels like I haven't blogged in a while, I was basically stressed up until Thursday with the assessments. Thursday night, I went to the Optus Rockcorps concert, it was pretty good. But I was in the mosh at the beginning and died. Legit, it was way too packed and sweaty.


Monday, April 8, 2013

lust and lies

black loafers (Rubi)
white t-shirt (H&M)
denim jeans (Yishion)
orange patterned cardi (Esprit)

This outfit has the whole "boyfriend" vibe to it - the rolled up denim jeans and the plain white tee. I felt old wearing this today, like I was someone in my late twenties. I'm not. Winter is dawning on us, as we bring out long pjs and jumpers, daylight saving has taken its toll and all I can think about is the fact that days are shorter and nights are colder. Autumn has really taken its time to sweep over Sydney cause all through March we were still seeing 28 degree days. But its time to snuggle up in slouchy cardigans and hot morning coffee and scarves.. omg scarves. Best friggen thing about winter is that I can wear my scarves and ugg boots - woop. And hot pot, hot pot's always good. 

Packed week coming up, I have assessments due and cause its the first proper uni one, I'm freaking the f. out. Optus Rockcorps is also on this week at the Horden, so that's something to look forward to. What else is new? Well I bought an adjustable set square today for thirty bucks - its literally like two pieces of acrylic plastic - why is it so darn expensive people?