Monday, April 8, 2013

lust and lies

black loafers (Rubi)
white t-shirt (H&M)
denim jeans (Yishion)
orange patterned cardi (Esprit)

This outfit has the whole "boyfriend" vibe to it - the rolled up denim jeans and the plain white tee. I felt old wearing this today, like I was someone in my late twenties. I'm not. Winter is dawning on us, as we bring out long pjs and jumpers, daylight saving has taken its toll and all I can think about is the fact that days are shorter and nights are colder. Autumn has really taken its time to sweep over Sydney cause all through March we were still seeing 28 degree days. But its time to snuggle up in slouchy cardigans and hot morning coffee and scarves.. omg scarves. Best friggen thing about winter is that I can wear my scarves and ugg boots - woop. And hot pot, hot pot's always good. 

Packed week coming up, I have assessments due and cause its the first proper uni one, I'm freaking the f. out. Optus Rockcorps is also on this week at the Horden, so that's something to look forward to. What else is new? Well I bought an adjustable set square today for thirty bucks - its literally like two pieces of acrylic plastic - why is it so darn expensive people?