Tuesday, April 23, 2013


tbh. these clothes - unbranded cause I literally bought them in China at those little boutique stores.

This jumper and the little pompoms remind me of mocap suits, those outfits they wear when they make like animations and people have like balls on their arms - like whut. LOL

I got home at what 5:30 today? and light was running out so quickly, the shots came out meh. The thing is, I would take photos in the morning but the thing is, that's when direct sunlight hits the wall and it just doesn't photograph well. Four o'clock is probably the best timing for it, but I'm usually not home at 4 and if I am home, it's probably a day I spent in my trackies. Dang.

Today I didn't have uni, but seeing as everyone was heading into studio to work anyways I decided to go. Also thanks to Anika, I've spent the past two days watching this tv show called Awkward. It's fucking brilliant. I've watched two seasons out of three. I need to stop, I have readings to do.