Thursday, April 18, 2013

the reckless and wild youth

navy top with floral detailing (Pull&Bear)
dark burgundy denim jeans (H&M)
military boots (Rubi)

Hey ho,

How is it already thursday matey?

Today's outfit is very autumn, very fall. Woo winter's on its way.
On my day off yesterday I went over to UNSW to visit friends and it was shocking at how you'd run into people every 10 seconds. Like wow. I'm enjoying uni, for the most part. There's a lot more freedom and its enriching learning stuff you're actually interested in. Today we measured a building with a tape measure. We did the library and by-passers were just like DAFUQ. I mean it's just funny when you tell people that we play with play dough or make models, their reactions ahahs.

Also shout out to Andrew LOL :)

This song and the lyrics //     Youth by Daughter