Thursday, May 30, 2013

andrew's 19th

Naww look how chummy he looks.

This was Tuesday night's outfit. 

black v neck (Dotti)
black and gold polka dot skirt 
dark cinnamon blazer - Gran's
watch vintage - Mum's
black loafers (Rubi)

Hope everyone's been having a good one.
Tomorrow's Friday - so geed.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


green v neck (Dotti)
denim jeans (H&M)
mesh Vans
burgundy cardigan in Men's XL (Target)

Yesterday after work I went on a shopping spree and bought two vnecks and a pair of vans - they were all on sale. I'm usually opposed to vnecks on girls but I saw it thought I'd might as well try it, who'd thought I'd like it.

I kind of want a haircut - might wait till June.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

girls night in

My girlfriends and I had a silly night in. Mud masks, rocky road and girly drinks. So good to just sit back and giggle at embarrassing stories and cute boys. loljokes. lolnotreally. lolokay.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

studio slumber

photos by Andrew :') // fanks. //

So what's been happening? Well where do I start.

I feel like crap right now so here begins my long awaited blog rant.

Today studio 30% portfolio was due. On Saturday, my friends and I decided to camp out in uni. I ended up spending 30 hours at uni. So Saturday morning I went in, worked on my portfolio, went to work and then came back - tired as.

The smile in the photo - its totes fake -  I was tired as f and had a massive headache.
I had one mate who at one point, couldn't even see the lines on the screen cause he was so tired.

We left studio at 7:30 in the morning in search for breakfast. We ended up at Maccas eating Mcmuffins and hotcakes. The morning light was beaut. We were like okay lets go on the roof for the sunrise - 6:42, we ceebed and just looked out the window.

So today was hand-in. I can't express how freaking pissed off I am. So you hand in and you come back later for an one-on-one feedback sesh. Went back, got my mark - tutor lost my portfolio. Like how freaking fucked is that. It's just like mate I spent like a solid half a week on this shiz and its freaking gone. Like what is life. I can't even.

So devo.

What is life.




Thursday, May 16, 2013

everything and everything

orange patterned cardi (Esprit)
black loafers (Rubi)
purple jersey dress (Factorie)

Haven't worn this jersey dress in 2 years, just one of those basics you can always go back to. 

Uni is killing me. Today we had communications, legit we talked to the tutor for one hour about our concepts and then we left to eat lunch - came back and it was basically home time. On the way back from lunch we lost Andrew in a second hand book store, it had that funky smell of old books. 

I've conformed to joining Twitter. LOL @guanecdote 
I feel like it's going to be my place of random thoughts.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the conventional but unconventionally binded

navy jumper
red skirt (Ladakh) - $10
scarf (H&M)
black loafers (Rubi)


Sunday, May 12, 2013


unicorn top (H&M)
dark burgundy denim jeans (H&M)
navy jumper
military boots (Rubi)
white scarf (H&M)

I saw this unicorn plastered top in H&M while I was in China. It was the day my grandpa had directed me to the mall and left me with gran's flip phone in case of an emergency. As incompetent as my Chinese skills are, it was pleasing to know he had this sort of faith in me. I remember seeing the top and thinking that 'shiz is cray, what on earth is this?'. But as I walked away from it I had strangely developed a connection with it, as it reminded me of home and the sweetness that came with it.

The other day on the bus I saw this quote that said "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn."

Ah unicorns. As a kid I had this puzzle with a/an (why does a unicorn sound right when I know it shouldn't?) unicorn. I think I completed it at least 20 times and always felt a sense of satisfaction each time.

I don't think I like unicorns as much as I used to.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

bdes1010 studio exhibition

Blogging cause I haven't blogged in a while.

Didn't do an outfit post yesterday so I have special guests, Andrew and Adrian, to replace me with their smart outfits. Someone should seriously start male outfit blogs like Peter Adrian (hint hint guys!) Hectic week tis has been, studio has been a mad house with terrain-making, finalising models and drafting these eclectic conceptual models. Spent the day trying to draft with Photoshop and its been killa hard. So I've decided to revert back to hand drawings - its just easier sometimes.
I feel stressed but I can't seem to pull myself together to do this shit.  Why is this happening?


Thursday, May 2, 2013

the temper trap

camo button up (Cotton On)
black and white polka top (Cocolatte)
dark burgundy denim jeans (H&M)
black Vans dupes (Big W)

Last night I went to see The Temper Trap at Enmore Theatre with my mates. It was freaking amazing. It literally went off. We went in when Alpine started performing and they were pretty good. Temper mainly played their old stuff - the classics: Fader, Love Lost etc. But when they did Soldier On, I think, for me, that was when it peaked - got goosebumps. There was just a sense of serenity among the crowd as he sang. "Keep your heart close to the ground" I guess with this song, its the lyrics that extend beyond the music itself, as everyone interprets the song differently. For me its about the inevitable knowledge that regardless of your actions, everything changes in life, nothing ever really remains the same. Woahh -step back-, getting too deep now LOL. Overall it was exhilarating being in the mosh and listening to them live. If you ever get the opportunity to see them - defs recommend, they are amazing live. 

Thank you Anika and Adrian for one of the best birthday presents ever. Love you guys :)