Tuesday, May 21, 2013

studio slumber

photos by Andrew :') // fanks. //

So what's been happening? Well where do I start.

I feel like crap right now so here begins my long awaited blog rant.

Today studio 30% portfolio was due. On Saturday, my friends and I decided to camp out in uni. I ended up spending 30 hours at uni. So Saturday morning I went in, worked on my portfolio, went to work and then came back - tired as.

The smile in the photo - its totes fake -  I was tired as f and had a massive headache.
I had one mate who at one point, couldn't even see the lines on the screen cause he was so tired.

We left studio at 7:30 in the morning in search for breakfast. We ended up at Maccas eating Mcmuffins and hotcakes. The morning light was beaut. We were like okay lets go on the roof for the sunrise - 6:42, we ceebed and just looked out the window.

So today was hand-in. I can't express how freaking pissed off I am. So you hand in and you come back later for an one-on-one feedback sesh. Went back, got my mark - tutor lost my portfolio. Like how freaking fucked is that. It's just like mate I spent like a solid half a week on this shiz and its freaking gone. Like what is life. I can't even.

So devo.

What is life.