Saturday, June 8, 2013


iphone photos

Arch kids get my title - it's terrible isn't it? I'm kind of ashamed

Wow wee. It's late. I think architecture has just made my sleeping patterns all fucked up.

So where have I dwindled off to?
Well this week 40% of communications was due. Presentation + drawings + perspectives.
On Monday I had the worst day where I lost my phone, my bag broke and forgot my usbs at home. I went to see my tutor about my work and he told me to redo new elevations and basically change it. Devastated on how much work I had to do and such a setback I was in, I spent most of Monday night freaking out.

Tuesday came, spent 10am-10pm in studio. Got home. Stayed up till 4:30am. I was so tired. I just couldn't go on. But I was saying to my friend, like might as well die trying, if I can't do this then how will I face bigger issues in life. Gotta give it my all. And cause I don't know how to computer draft - I hand did everything basically. wahwahwhat

Wednesday. Quickly turned to Thursday. Stayed up till - well basically up till 6am, slept for two hours got dressed and went and got my shit printed. Standing on two hours of sleep, I did my presentations with lots of uhms and arhhs. It went by pretty quickly. We got our marks by 4pm. I was pretty happy considering I had to redo most of my shit.

Friday - best day of the week - woke up and was gonna go uni and make models (got another one due next Friday). My friend Sarah was like holla lets go shopping. Keen as f*** I was like okay leggoo. I tried on these jeans at Topshop, omg I think I'm in love. They were amazing. Tight-as, it like clutched onto every part of your lower body - every fat roll man. But I like that its like just quite out there and hip. LOL I feel as if I buy them I'm gonna be motivated to get fit - bahahah gotta start my blogilates again - winter makes me fat cause I just wanna hibernate and eat man.

I decided to head home and to work afterwards. But in the end headed back out to town to watch Gatsby cause well its Gatsby. I have an emotional connection to it cause I did it in the HSC for english. We didn't end up seeing it cause we took too long eating ramen in this alleyway, that lead to one of the most soothingly atmospheric parts of the city - never knew it existed. Some mates and I ended up just sending the night off with soju.


tough week.

i tweet my moods now - cool brah.