Sunday, June 16, 2013

hey der teatro

Iphone photos

Hey der,

So what a week it has been, history was due on Friday.

Basically a group assignment that involved, seven handcrafted models and a report (written printed and binded) and a box that was actually incorrect in measurements.

On Thursday, I spent the night at uni and by Friday morning 9am, I burnt out. I hadn't slept and hadn't eaten breakfast - my body just broke down. I don't know if I'd classify it as a panic attack, but  I felt really dehydrated, faint and my heart rate was going at lightening speed.

You clearly know you're starting to spend way too much time at uni when you bring a pillow, sleeping bag and toothpaste. I remember watching the sunrise and think 'holy crap times running out'.

I actually went home for dinner on Thursday night to pick up some necessities. Mid way through my boiled rice and pork ribs, Andrew called saying someone had stepped on one of the models. I literally was like WHATDAHFUCK #NOTSUREIFSRS IS HE TROLLING ME?! OMG.
It was crushed. We were crushed.

When I got back to uni, my friend Naomi managed to piece most of it back together - lifesaver. I'm pretty proud of our little group. I mean we all just came together and pushed ourselves through. Interesting learning experience I must say.

What's left?

I have one more due on Tuesday and then I'm free. Sem Break hells yeah!