Monday, July 15, 2013


Started the day off with brunch with Anika. I felt like her mother - she had gone out the night before and I went to pick her up and take her out to a hot breakie. I had a coffee and she ordered some deluxe breakfast dish. I felt like I hadn't had good coffee in ages, there was this one day after a long night that I had Maccus' coffee - worst decision ever. We then headed over to Rozelle Markets, but left with no good finds. However on the way back to the car I found this wooden wine rack being thrown out - so I picked it up; possible DIY. I dropped Anika off and headed home.

I later had dins with my beb, Landy. We ventured into Newtown, peering through restaurants, diners and bars, not sure what to eat. We ended up at Milk Bar - food was great, customer service was questionable.