Sunday, July 21, 2013


//     T U E S D A Y     16TH

//     W E D N E S D A Y     17TH

//     T H U R S D A Y     18TH

//     S A T U R D A Y     20TH   


Gracie be blogging waahhhhhh?

As semester break begins to draw to an end, I am both excited and annoyed that uni is about to start again. These days I've just been asking myself what I have achieved this past month - nothing really. My level of procrastination peaked at new heights as my biggest decisions were to whether get out of bed or just "ceeb o'clock" it everyday. But all up they were pretty chill - only one week left: gonna try to make the most if it.

Snaps off my iphone from the past week:

Tuesday - went Soda Factory with some friends; third-wheeled hardcore that day hmm...
Wednesday - had the most amazing punch at a girl's brunch day
Thursday - watched PLL (its getting shit :/), watched Suits and went late night shopping with Anika
Saturday - my best friend Adrian had an 18th shindig in his garage - we spent the day running around getting cake, alc, ice, random bits and bobs; reminded me of my birthday. He stole my SD card to get all the photos off my camera - last I checked there were 900+ photos; woahwaht.

Rooms a mess again - and this time I really cleaned it. ffs.