Saturday, August 31, 2013


Iphone schnapps from the past week.

Sarah working her shapes in artworshop.
Uni lectures on structure with a heavily accented Italian lecturer. He be cool.
Asian buns. Just because.
Made beams in tech tutorial.
Went to the doctors - man $45 for a not-even 10minute talk. Damnnnn
And beer. I'm not the biggest fan of beer. But I do like Heineken.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


denim button up - thrifted
white tshirt - h&m
black bodycon skirt - cotton on
sunnies - can't think of the store from the top of my head right now :(

Wednesdays are good :)

Feeling particularly like an archi kid today, with my poorly-made A3 paper holder thing. This weather makes me so freaking happy I can't even comprehend. I've literally said it to my friend like 10 times, he's probably like 'okay mate got it you like sunny weather.'

Spring is officially round the corner. I am so freaking keen.

Hey I think you're special, don't think otherwise. 


Friday, August 23, 2013


denim button up shirt - thrifted
cream lace top - pull&bear
aztec print bodycon skirt - Tattoo

Outfit from a couple of days ago, spring come faster, this cold weather is depressing.

So in that little space where I take these photos, I had my mini bonfire shindig a while back. The thing is, it's still there. The PIT I mean, I just can not be bothered to clean it. So occasionally I just have ashes flying around as the wind blows.

I had to make a 30 second video of art workshop the other day - so I decided to play with my dad's old cameras, combining that with my fairy lights. The video turned out to be some nonsensical light rave with changing colours. I decided to upload it for funsies. Check it out? There's no audio cause I ceebs making music or working out copyright issues. Towards the end it has this sci-fi feel to it: I don't know LOL I just played around with the effects.


Thursday, August 22, 2013


The week so far in iPhone schnaps.

On Tuesday I popped into uni to take photos for studio. Afterwards I headed to work and then to Darling Harbour for dins. I've also got back into doing Blogilates after my 9 month hiatus... heh. Took a late night trip to Officeworks - 11pm printing, lady was about to charge me $1 for 8 dollars worth of prints but realised she'd stuffed up lolawdamnsoclose. I love chilling on the grass at uni - so relaxing; especially on sunny days, you just lie back, chat and watch people scurrying to lectures and tutes. And finally, a diagram I drew for my studio concept. My building is really depressing and as they say "you're designs are a reflection of yourself" - I think my tutor thinks I'm bipolar or something. LOLWHAT. NO. 

Oh god, it's already Friday tomorrow.



denim button up shirt - thrifted
cream lace top - pull&bear
red skirt - ladakh

Red, White and Blue.

Feeling especially cheery in these, not sure why. Okay weather dropped drastically in the last two days. Devastated - why so cold? Sydney weather get yo shit together.

This is a photo of my crappy model for studio. Look, its wonky. #strongarchitecture/10 I swear my models are the absolute worst. You ask me to draw, you ask me to draft, you ask me to paint - okay. You ask me to make a decent model - hmm.. now that's another story. Sometimes I wish I could be like my friend Yenson, who just makes crustaceans of a design - literally.

I know a lot of archi kids are all nighting tonight - we all have an assessment due tmrw. Oh the joys of architorture. Sigh.


Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hey yo!

- Tech; first task was due this week. 
- So food adventures... I've honestly had so much deep fried shit this week, like no more. Just no. Why do wedges have to taste so good?  
- Wilkinson Building is quite nice at night
- This is my favourite photo with my dad, we look damn hipster cool
- My best friend brought over new polaroid film this morning - very happy :) hehehe

I was recently flicking through photos from earlier in the year, Summer 2012/13. Honestly I can't even explain how amazing that break was. Like, that break after the HSC was the perfect 4 months. Many of my friends went overseas, but the majority of us that were left in good ol Sydney made our own fun. I remember spending many great days at the beach. There were also day-trips to new places where we just wandered. We hadn't gotten our Ps, we weren't 18 yet. We were in that period where we weren't adults yet but we were, in a way, just kids. Taking public transport and just enjoying endless summer days roaming the city, galleries, beaches, wherever, I simply loved it. The weather's beginning to warm up and Spring is just round the corner so I'm excited for Summer 2013/14. I'm back to my pale self... need to get my tan on again. Okay the tan that I got last summer was a bit overboard. I went like 4 shades darker. #NOGOOD

Hope everything's swell on your end! ;)


Sunday, August 4, 2013


Pretty sure we learnt this in one of our architecture lectures, but notice how the dark circle is bigger than the one before. It's not. It just seems to appear that way. Woah mind tripping.

So this blog has gone through quite a bit of change since it first started out in 2011. In the last four months I have slowly started to resent blogging. I wasn't sure where this came from because I loved expressing my thoughts and opinions on here. But I just wasn't feeling it and lots of my friends would ask me why I wasn't blogging. In that sense, I almost produced content I wasn't completely satisfied with, but felt I should at least post something rather than going MIA.

Eventually I realised it was my blog name that was irritating me. The name Doing It The Gracie Way came from DIY. When I first started blogging this was a DIY/OOTD blog. Now its grown into a more OOTD/LIFESTYLE blog. The name doesn't see fit and I just felt that it was time for a change. 

Friends have given me suggestions and I have come up with a few; but they were just not right. Today I was talking to my best friend and he asked me what my favourite number was. I said 8 and then 22. I couldn't pick just a single number. So here we have - Twenty two eights. 

Twenty two - my birthday number; I've always just had this weird attachment to it, thinking it possess more to it that being just a number
Eight - Not sure if I like it cause of my culture - eight in canto sounds like "prosper with money" or something. But there's always just been something about 8.

Twenty two eights. And the adventure continues.

For technicalities, I'll probably change the url one day. Not anytime soon though.

Props to you if you've read this far - I rarely write for this long lol

Thank you.



I went Ikea yesterday with the sole purpose of buying a new alarm clock. Ended up buying $50 of the most random shiz ever with mum. But I love Ikea so much, it's one of those places where you just loose yourself in and time just runs by. I got a candle, a candle holder and pot plants. Yay for home decor. I made a pact with of my closest friends in that we promised that we would move in together one day. Can't wait to shop for furniture and knick knacks - in like 5 years time.

Later had dinners with the fam at a Jap restaurant - so yummers. Strong english/10

Biggest ceebs right now.