Sunday, August 4, 2013


Pretty sure we learnt this in one of our architecture lectures, but notice how the dark circle is bigger than the one before. It's not. It just seems to appear that way. Woah mind tripping.

So this blog has gone through quite a bit of change since it first started out in 2011. In the last four months I have slowly started to resent blogging. I wasn't sure where this came from because I loved expressing my thoughts and opinions on here. But I just wasn't feeling it and lots of my friends would ask me why I wasn't blogging. In that sense, I almost produced content I wasn't completely satisfied with, but felt I should at least post something rather than going MIA.

Eventually I realised it was my blog name that was irritating me. The name Doing It The Gracie Way came from DIY. When I first started blogging this was a DIY/OOTD blog. Now its grown into a more OOTD/LIFESTYLE blog. The name doesn't see fit and I just felt that it was time for a change. 

Friends have given me suggestions and I have come up with a few; but they were just not right. Today I was talking to my best friend and he asked me what my favourite number was. I said 8 and then 22. I couldn't pick just a single number. So here we have - Twenty two eights. 

Twenty two - my birthday number; I've always just had this weird attachment to it, thinking it possess more to it that being just a number
Eight - Not sure if I like it cause of my culture - eight in canto sounds like "prosper with money" or something. But there's always just been something about 8.

Twenty two eights. And the adventure continues.

For technicalities, I'll probably change the url one day. Not anytime soon though.

Props to you if you've read this far - I rarely write for this long lol

Thank you.