Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hey yo!

- Tech; first task was due this week. 
- So food adventures... I've honestly had so much deep fried shit this week, like no more. Just no. Why do wedges have to taste so good?  
- Wilkinson Building is quite nice at night
- This is my favourite photo with my dad, we look damn hipster cool
- My best friend brought over new polaroid film this morning - very happy :) hehehe

I was recently flicking through photos from earlier in the year, Summer 2012/13. Honestly I can't even explain how amazing that break was. Like, that break after the HSC was the perfect 4 months. Many of my friends went overseas, but the majority of us that were left in good ol Sydney made our own fun. I remember spending many great days at the beach. There were also day-trips to new places where we just wandered. We hadn't gotten our Ps, we weren't 18 yet. We were in that period where we weren't adults yet but we were, in a way, just kids. Taking public transport and just enjoying endless summer days roaming the city, galleries, beaches, wherever, I simply loved it. The weather's beginning to warm up and Spring is just round the corner so I'm excited for Summer 2013/14. I'm back to my pale self... need to get my tan on again. Okay the tan that I got last summer was a bit overboard. I went like 4 shades darker. #NOGOOD

Hope everything's swell on your end! ;)