Thursday, August 22, 2013


The week so far in iPhone schnaps.

On Tuesday I popped into uni to take photos for studio. Afterwards I headed to work and then to Darling Harbour for dins. I've also got back into doing Blogilates after my 9 month hiatus... heh. Took a late night trip to Officeworks - 11pm printing, lady was about to charge me $1 for 8 dollars worth of prints but realised she'd stuffed up lolawdamnsoclose. I love chilling on the grass at uni - so relaxing; especially on sunny days, you just lie back, chat and watch people scurrying to lectures and tutes. And finally, a diagram I drew for my studio concept. My building is really depressing and as they say "you're designs are a reflection of yourself" - I think my tutor thinks I'm bipolar or something. LOLWHAT. NO. 

Oh god, it's already Friday tomorrow.