Friday, August 23, 2013


denim button up shirt - thrifted
cream lace top - pull&bear
aztec print bodycon skirt - Tattoo

Outfit from a couple of days ago, spring come faster, this cold weather is depressing.

So in that little space where I take these photos, I had my mini bonfire shindig a while back. The thing is, it's still there. The PIT I mean, I just can not be bothered to clean it. So occasionally I just have ashes flying around as the wind blows.

I had to make a 30 second video of art workshop the other day - so I decided to play with my dad's old cameras, combining that with my fairy lights. The video turned out to be some nonsensical light rave with changing colours. I decided to upload it for funsies. Check it out? There's no audio cause I ceebs making music or working out copyright issues. Towards the end it has this sci-fi feel to it: I don't know LOL I just played around with the effects.