Thursday, August 22, 2013


denim button up shirt - thrifted
cream lace top - pull&bear
red skirt - ladakh

Red, White and Blue.

Feeling especially cheery in these, not sure why. Okay weather dropped drastically in the last two days. Devastated - why so cold? Sydney weather get yo shit together.

This is a photo of my crappy model for studio. Look, its wonky. #strongarchitecture/10 I swear my models are the absolute worst. You ask me to draw, you ask me to draft, you ask me to paint - okay. You ask me to make a decent model - hmm.. now that's another story. Sometimes I wish I could be like my friend Yenson, who just makes crustaceans of a design - literally.

I know a lot of archi kids are all nighting tonight - we all have an assessment due tmrw. Oh the joys of architorture. Sigh.