Sunday, September 29, 2013


Last night, my mates and I trekked it out West to celebrate my buddy Sim's 19th. It was a little backyard shindig with lots of food - glorious tandoori chicken drumsticks. Two of my mates made a Jager train, which was pretty epic. Hope you had a good one love!


Saturday, September 28, 2013


TGIF oh lol its midnight  okay good morning?

So today was a long day - uni+work. I sit here typing while my family sleep soundly.
The usual iPhone schnaps.

It's kind of a longer post due to the fact that I blogged quite consecutively last week so I decided to hold back from writing these types of posts.

So these are photos from the span of over two weeks.
- caught up with old friend of mine, and met her other half; third-wheel life repping. I think my friends and I are having a mini road trip up north, but we were discussing it today and I was like holy shit I'm gonna be in a car with two couples :( whyyyy
- learnt about sunlight in tech; grades dropping each week ehh...
- bought my 50mm; dat excitement
- went to the beach ;)
- iOS7 happened
- my axo for studio, the screwed up level with no lights and what not. My tutor thinks I'm cray.
- friend told me to go on a walk  (okay I rarely go on walks until I need to walk to somewhere), anyways was good to clear my head while on that walk LOL
- structural jam; art workshop, my tutor is so cool and chill - amazingggggg
- frank body; coffee scrub, smells god damn amazing and makes your skin really soft :O
check out their insta

UGH another long day tmrw.. today.. saturday.
I have work in 9 hours, then I have a 19th.  Funsies, sigh so much to do its just like WHAT MID SEM BREAK?!

okay bed for me, I hope everything is swell on your end :') bye!


Monday, September 23, 2013


mint chiffon top (Cotton On)
H&M pants
Zara heels

My best friend does this thing - these two peace signs and I was like WHYYY do you do this. But, oh god it's caught on. No. I'm doing this to mock him - you look silly bro :')



Last night, my friends and I celebrated Miranda's 19th at Opera Bar. The view was beaut of course - Sydney you do alright, we chatted among ourselves while knocking back a few. Someone made the most scrumptious chocolate and caramel cake like it was ungodly amazing. I brought my 50mm lens, god dammit I don't know why I didn't bring my normal lens. So lots of the photos didn't come out well. Oh wells - sorry randa~


Friday, September 20, 2013



So today I went to Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks for artworkshop. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be this good but I really enjoyed it. For a while I've wanted to gallery hop, but uni and work has been hectic so there really just hasn't been the time. Luckily this art fair brought all the galleries together due to its commercial status, which was quite interesting. I think I'm going again on Sunday and bringing my bestfran cause I think he'd enjoy it #viplyf  Exhibition runs from last night till Sunday.

Kinda went a little cray with the photos :')