Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hey ho.

So what a week it has been. Surprisingly it just all went by so quickly.
In the past week I:
- drew an axonometric lol
- went to bunnings constantly, I swear the guy there recognises me now
- made a 1:20 model, I don't like my design now and kinda wanna change it all. hmm
- devoured all dem Tim Tams during the nights I stayed up #stresseating
- built some stairs
- sat through 8 hours of presentations with only 4 hours of sleep
- had a pide and coffee, it was purely amazing
- after eating it, my friends and I just laid on the grass napping and watching the clouds float by
- caught up on some Frankie reading time
- started scultpure making for art workshop #noideawhatimdoing but it's fun

And now its the weekend and all I want to do is relax and see my friends. Already planning out shiz to do this week. For now I just want to be free from it all. Let loose brah.

Hope you're weekend's going swell ;)