Saturday, September 28, 2013


TGIF oh lol its midnight  okay good morning?

So today was a long day - uni+work. I sit here typing while my family sleep soundly.
The usual iPhone schnaps.

It's kind of a longer post due to the fact that I blogged quite consecutively last week so I decided to hold back from writing these types of posts.

So these are photos from the span of over two weeks.
- caught up with old friend of mine, and met her other half; third-wheel life repping. I think my friends and I are having a mini road trip up north, but we were discussing it today and I was like holy shit I'm gonna be in a car with two couples :( whyyyy
- learnt about sunlight in tech; grades dropping each week ehh...
- bought my 50mm; dat excitement
- went to the beach ;)
- iOS7 happened
- my axo for studio, the screwed up level with no lights and what not. My tutor thinks I'm cray.
- friend told me to go on a walk  (okay I rarely go on walks until I need to walk to somewhere), anyways was good to clear my head while on that walk LOL
- structural jam; art workshop, my tutor is so cool and chill - amazingggggg
- frank body; coffee scrub, smells god damn amazing and makes your skin really soft :O
check out their insta

UGH another long day tmrw.. today.. saturday.
I have work in 9 hours, then I have a 19th.  Funsies, sigh so much to do its just like WHAT MID SEM BREAK?!

okay bed for me, I hope everything is swell on your end :') bye!