Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Cropped Tee - ASOS
Floral Skirt - ASOS

No blogging, been doing studio for the past week. Sometimes I wonder what I'm really doing with my life.
Presenting tomorrow.
So close to holidays, I can feel it. ^_^

Hope everything is well on your end! :')


Thursday, October 24, 2013



Been away from my blog for what seems like a while. Last Thursday temperatures rose, winds took over, the sun was red and the sky turned a weird funky colour. #nswbushfires I was fine most of the day but when I got home I felt crappy and napped before dinner. The next day I woke up all groggy and sick. Like what.

I skipped uni cause I was really in no condition to make art at art workshop and spent my morning in bed. Sore throat, dizziness, runny and blocked nose. Unfortunately I had work that afternoon and I tutor and can't leave my class without a teacher on such short notice. So I went to Coles bought 1.5L OJ (they were having a special $4 a bottle lol) and a box of tissues and did my shift. It was terrible. I was sniffing the whole time. Though my Asos order came when I got home that night so I was like yay.

The next day Saturday, I had work again (6 hour shift), luckily one of my kids was sick too so I ended up leaving earlier. Thank dah lord. That night I ended up going to the after-hours doctors and the doctor said i had allergies and hayfever. Thing is, I've never had hayfever before. So this was all new to me. She gave me antihistamine tablets and a nasal spray.

I spent most of Sunday in bed. Thing is I had my big studio presentation due the coming Thursday and I hadn't started :( So I ended up asking for an extension. On Monday my normal doctor was like yeah you have 'severe hayfever'. sigh.

I'm getting better, my doctor says it'll take 4-5 days to pass. I've gone through 5 boxes of tissues. Anyways so I got my extension so I need to work on that now. Lots of drawings to do. To be honest, I both excited and annoyed cause sah much work. HERE WE GO LAST WEEK OF UNI AND THEN HOLIDAYS!!

Hope you've been having a more pleasant week than I have had :')


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


black and white polka top (Cocolatte)
white denim skirt
tan sandals

long cream cardigan


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


burgundy tshirt (H&M)
white denim skirt
tan sandals

Oooooooooft that beat. I feel like this week I'm preparing myself mentally for the week that's about to come because studio is due. LOL ; f me. oh god. 9am start tomorrow, I stayed up till 2am last night doing god knows what. what is life right now?


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Iphone schnapps

To be honest, don't have much to say.

Enjoy the pics?

Hope all is well on your end! :')


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


H&M tshirt
Denim skater shirt - Chicabooti
Floppy sun hat - Rubi


So my absence from blogging has been due to 60% of technologies being due on Monday night. It was an online submission - basically a pdf with our drawings. Today I went into uni to pick up my mark - solid result, so I'm prets chill about it. I later ended up at Miranda's and we spent the afternoon doing drawings for studio cause that's all due in two weeks. I now have an assessment due every week. Stressed as f. Here we go architecture. The last couple of weeks of sem are always really hectic - not keen.

To be honest I just want to see my friends; have breakfast lunch and dinner dates. I miss them so much :'( End of sem come quicker please!


p.s. currently listening and loving: Lorde - Pure Heroine (the whole album) hehehe "White Teeth Teens" is pretty good :)