Thursday, October 24, 2013



Been away from my blog for what seems like a while. Last Thursday temperatures rose, winds took over, the sun was red and the sky turned a weird funky colour. #nswbushfires I was fine most of the day but when I got home I felt crappy and napped before dinner. The next day I woke up all groggy and sick. Like what.

I skipped uni cause I was really in no condition to make art at art workshop and spent my morning in bed. Sore throat, dizziness, runny and blocked nose. Unfortunately I had work that afternoon and I tutor and can't leave my class without a teacher on such short notice. So I went to Coles bought 1.5L OJ (they were having a special $4 a bottle lol) and a box of tissues and did my shift. It was terrible. I was sniffing the whole time. Though my Asos order came when I got home that night so I was like yay.

The next day Saturday, I had work again (6 hour shift), luckily one of my kids was sick too so I ended up leaving earlier. Thank dah lord. That night I ended up going to the after-hours doctors and the doctor said i had allergies and hayfever. Thing is, I've never had hayfever before. So this was all new to me. She gave me antihistamine tablets and a nasal spray.

I spent most of Sunday in bed. Thing is I had my big studio presentation due the coming Thursday and I hadn't started :( So I ended up asking for an extension. On Monday my normal doctor was like yeah you have 'severe hayfever'. sigh.

I'm getting better, my doctor says it'll take 4-5 days to pass. I've gone through 5 boxes of tissues. Anyways so I got my extension so I need to work on that now. Lots of drawings to do. To be honest, I both excited and annoyed cause sah much work. HERE WE GO LAST WEEK OF UNI AND THEN HOLIDAYS!!

Hope you've been having a more pleasant week than I have had :')