Wednesday, October 9, 2013


H&M tshirt
Denim skater shirt - Chicabooti
Floppy sun hat - Rubi


So my absence from blogging has been due to 60% of technologies being due on Monday night. It was an online submission - basically a pdf with our drawings. Today I went into uni to pick up my mark - solid result, so I'm prets chill about it. I later ended up at Miranda's and we spent the afternoon doing drawings for studio cause that's all due in two weeks. I now have an assessment due every week. Stressed as f. Here we go architecture. The last couple of weeks of sem are always really hectic - not keen.

To be honest I just want to see my friends; have breakfast lunch and dinner dates. I miss them so much :'( End of sem come quicker please!


p.s. currently listening and loving: Lorde - Pure Heroine (the whole album) hehehe "White Teeth Teens" is pretty good :)