Saturday, November 30, 2013


A couple of days ago I got the chance to finally catch up with both of my best friends. It had been too long since we all sat together and just chilled. With the accumulation of assignments, exams and work we barely saw each other. I decided to fill this post with silly photos because we have so many normal photos and really... we're only young for so long.

My friends and I were talking about how quickly a year had gone by. I look at photos of us at the beginning of the year and I see the same people but now we're just older matured individuals. We all entered adulthood with a bang and none of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into. I'm old enough to complain about back pain and work, which kinda scares me.

Which brings me to my next point in that we should embrace our youth. And I know it's a saying that has been said over and over again but in all honesty, it's just true. I have friends who have settled into the comfort of life and defined that their main goal now is to just finish university and get married. In the driest of terms, there's so much more to life than just finding a stable career and living your life out. Talking to my friends, we all agreed that this is the time to travel, to learn, to try new things and to absorb as much as we can from the world. My friend wants to do exchange and just immerse herself into an unfamiliar culture and to just lose and find herself again - which is amazing.

So when the time does come for us to tell our children the number of silly adventures we went on, don't we all just want to have crazy stories to tell? As we get older, we will live through our memories and savour the good and the bad because by then what we'll realise is that somehow all those different things intertwined together and defined our lives.


Sunday, November 24, 2013


As the first year of university draws to an end I am surprised and astonished at how quickly the year has gone by. One year ago, I was fresh out of high school and keen for the summer break. Now.. okay I'm still keen for the summer break, but its different. It's good different.

Surviving the first year of architecture makes me think and know that it only gets harder from here, but what works is that I've found some of the most amazing friends. Meeting people I would've probably never met, makes me wonder how this year would've otherwise turned out.

To celebrate the end of a successful year we dolled and suited up for the 2013 Architecture End Of Year Ball. Everyone looked their swankiest and we toasted the night away behind giggles and champagne glasses.

To two more years of Architorture. 


Wednesday, November 13, 2013


White crop t-shirt (ASOS)
Daisy shorts (brand unknown)
Denim button down (thrifted)
Burgundy bag (Cotton On)
Black mesh Vans


There has been alot of planning this and that in the past week or so and I'm getting pretty excited for summer. Trips and projects are just the start. Been feeling pretty optimistic lately and hanging with people who are motivated and passionate about dreams and aspirations is just ahhh thrilling hahas. Spent the day studying in the sun and feeling kiddish with my backpack which I never really use. The weight of the world seems to be just more balanced with two straps rather than one.

On another note, for the past week I've kinda just been throwing myself into finding summer jobs - emphasis on the 's', yes need to make moolah for holidays - I'm taking the whole of February 2014 off. Travelllllllling with buds and bubs. Can't wait!

Hope everyone's going okay with uni end of year exams (power through!!), I know my friends are just so busy. Pooor babes.


Recently fell in love with the magic of Soundcloud, and this song :)

Friday, November 8, 2013


Lavender floral print playsuit - (brand unknown)
Pink floral crown (diy)

Playsuits and rompers. Omg where have you been all my life. These babies look like dresses but you have the freedom to jump around without flashing. Plus they're super duper flowy - perfect for Straya's summer heat.



Yesterday my mates and I went to Bondi to 'sculpt the sea'. Sculptures by the Sea had taken over Bondi to Clovelly with funky artworks that questioned the norm. In thirty-one degrees heat, we followed along the coast behind numerous primary school kids and tourists. The water looked absolutely amazing, so clear and blue - absolutely perfect beach weather.

We literally took the scenic route when one of us decided to climb some rocks and ended up by the water crawling and climbing on boulders rather than looking at art.

Sculpture by the Sea ends on the 10th of November, so hop on down if you get the chance. I'd recommend going during sunset rather than the middle of the day and have nice long walks on the beach ;) hahaha


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So even though I changed my blog name because it transitioned from a DIY blog to a lifestyle blog I still thought I'd chuck in a good ol' DIY for ya cause I miss making them and somehow people liked these. Today inspired by the beautiful Lana Del Rey and her floral crowns I decided to attempt: the floral headband/crown.

To continue on with the Lana Del Rey theme, I highly suggest you play her song 'Queen Of Disaster' as you scroll along the tutorial :')

Lets get started!

You will need:
- a headband or a sewing elastic band or a detachable bra strap
- fake flowers from the dollar store
- scissors
- pin and needle if you use a sewing elastic band
- glue: preferably a hot glue gun, but I had Uhu handy and it worked just as well

Begin by removing all the flowers from their stems.

Sewing elastic band method: measure around you head where the headband would sit and cut the strip and sew ends together.

Detachable bra strap method: (what I used, good if you have old bras you don't wear anymore, ladies), what's great about this method is that its adjustable.

With the flowers, cut off the extra stem that's attached to each bud, so that the bottom of the flower is close to sitting flat.

Align the flowers against the strap in the position of where you want them to sit. I had smaller flowers on the ends.

Now halfway while making these I decided to use thumbtacks. As the thumbtacks would give the crown a finished look and stability in the backing.

So I poked the thumbtacks through the band,

I then applied Uhu glue in the little hole at the base of the flower and around it

 so that the end of the thumbtack would sit into the hole of the flower.

Repeat for the rest of the flowers.

And should look something like this

Done! ^_^

Style as you please :)
Hope you enjoyed thisss. Okay byee!