Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So even though I changed my blog name because it transitioned from a DIY blog to a lifestyle blog I still thought I'd chuck in a good ol' DIY for ya cause I miss making them and somehow people liked these. Today inspired by the beautiful Lana Del Rey and her floral crowns I decided to attempt: the floral headband/crown.

To continue on with the Lana Del Rey theme, I highly suggest you play her song 'Queen Of Disaster' as you scroll along the tutorial :')

Lets get started!

You will need:
- a headband or a sewing elastic band or a detachable bra strap
- fake flowers from the dollar store
- scissors
- pin and needle if you use a sewing elastic band
- glue: preferably a hot glue gun, but I had Uhu handy and it worked just as well

Begin by removing all the flowers from their stems.

Sewing elastic band method: measure around you head where the headband would sit and cut the strip and sew ends together.

Detachable bra strap method: (what I used, good if you have old bras you don't wear anymore, ladies), what's great about this method is that its adjustable.

With the flowers, cut off the extra stem that's attached to each bud, so that the bottom of the flower is close to sitting flat.

Align the flowers against the strap in the position of where you want them to sit. I had smaller flowers on the ends.

Now halfway while making these I decided to use thumbtacks. As the thumbtacks would give the crown a finished look and stability in the backing.

So I poked the thumbtacks through the band,

I then applied Uhu glue in the little hole at the base of the flower and around it

 so that the end of the thumbtack would sit into the hole of the flower.

Repeat for the rest of the flowers.

And should look something like this

Done! ^_^

Style as you please :)
Hope you enjoyed thisss. Okay byee!