Monday, December 30, 2013


On the weekend, a couple of girlfriends and I decided to spend some time in the sun and get some vitamin d. The weather was perf and we shared girly conversations over scrumptious burgers at a local joint. I brought my polaroid along for some happy snaps, compared to my usual companion, my dlsr, whom I treasure. Last summer I hit the beach almost every week and rocked tanned Gracie, which had not been seen before. However, earlier this year my doc told me to enjoy the sun in spoonfuls as the fairness of my skin made me more sensitive towards the sun. Which sucks. So less beaching dis year I guess.

Also NYE tomorrow, how has another year gone by - I feel so old nowadays, coworker thought I was 20 years old, one of my tutoring kids thinks I'm 25. wot.

Anyways have a lovely new years eve, see you on the other side ;)