Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hey hello,

So by the time I finish typing all this up and putting all the photos in, Christmas will be long gone and it'll be the 26th already. But whatevs trevs, thought I'd blog an update on what's been happening.

So I've kind of gone MIA with the blog for a while. Basically since it's the holidays I've been working to make monies for travels. Bought my own plane ticket to China, which left a big hole in my wallet and ever since then I've been mending that hole. Checking my finances recently, I've managed to fill that hole up in the last month or so, with extra overflow. If you get my drift.

Apart from work, I've been catching up with mates and what not - especially the ones I haven't seen cause of uni. But at the same time, all my friends are working and bringing in dat cash so I just haven't been going out that much.

To fill up my time, I've been watching heaps of movies and tv shows before sleeping at 1am. My most recent not-really-an-accomplishment but i-feel-it's-an-accomplishment was finishing season 1 of The Carrie Diares and catching up to the most recent eps of season 2. The prequel to 'Sex and the City' - it's just like a rom-com but tv show style; easy to watch.

It's boxing day, tomorrow, or today I guess. I feel like I need to stop shopping. The other day I was like NO MORE. And then my friend Sheila and I saw this cropped tartan top with 70% off. I was like golly - it's a must.

p.s. #selfies this is what happens when imma bored and playing with makeup - yay for red lips!!

I just read back what I typed and it sounds like a god damn diary entry. LOL. ayeeeee