Monday, January 13, 2014

9 . JANUARY . 2 0 1 4

My excuse for the lack of blogging is 
1. I lazy
2. Not feeling it
3. I lazy LOL

Yer, don't know I've had mates tell my blog's looking a bit dry come the new year, but the reason is that my life now is eat, sleep (rave) (repeat), jokes. No but seriously my life now is eat, sleep, drive to work, go out, drive home from work, sleep, eat, work, eat. There's a lot of eating. 

Anyways, this little post here is from last Thursday, when me and my mates hung out at The Local Taphouse on the rooftop garden. We then headed to the city where we somehow ended up at Sydney Festival with a Stonehedge jumping castle called the Sacrilege. Man those 10mins on there made you feel like a kid again. We finished the night off with dinner at Vapiano - a moderately new Italian restaurant in the CBD. Didn't snap any pics of the food cause we were so hunger we just got into it.