Friday, January 17, 2014


Beaching in this thirty degrees Sydney summer heatwave. It felt delicious floating and drifting in the ocean again. So much easier to get around to beaches these days cause we can drive. I want a car omg. I want to travel omg. Okay we gettit gracie, you want to do many things. But man, WHO WANTS TO GIVE ME A CAR?

My buds and I ventured to Milk Beach (literally a mini road-trip), a secluded tiny beach with the most beautiful view of the city skyline. It was so tranquil - loved it.

We later ended up at Bondi in search of food. Licking away at Ben and Jerry's we later decided to hop into the water. The waves at Bondi, you honestly can't compare. Minimal seaweed to be caught in unwanted places and waves that crashed against you - amazing.