Tuesday, January 14, 2014


No I am not drunk or tipsy at this moment, if you're wondering about the post title. I've just got a light buzz on the sexy topic of adventures. I realised how badly I want to just go everywhere. And the second thing I realised was that - okay to go everywhere I need moolah, which means I'm determined to work and save as much as I can so I can go wherever I want. I haven't had this buzz for quite a while to be honest. I kind of feel it's possibly another one of the reasons why I don't feel like blogging. The utter lack of inspiration.

However today my mates and I decided to be reckless youth in revolt and spend our afternoon at the arcade. Holy mother of god, we had so much fun I'm surprised at the amount of much fun we had. I love that we could just be kids, fuck growing up and sipping wine at fancy bars (although that is quite nice most of the time), no we don't wanna be old. Dodgem cars make my life.

Anyways tonight I somehow ended up at this. This is just adding to the buzz. Man I'm missing the raving. Last summer, Million Voices and Midnight City were my jam.