Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So last month I ventured to the Motherland - China for 17 days. 

I caught 5 planes all up and did Sydney to Guangzhou to Hainan to Shanghai back to Guangzhou then Sydney.

First up: Sydney to Guangzhou, Guangdong

I flew over with my gran (mum's mum), it was one long ass flight. Landing she stayed with her family and I went and stayed with my gran and pop (dad's rents). Spent about 4 days exploring Guangzhou and seeing as I had just gone back a year earlier I was still pretty familiar with the city itself.

Second leg : Guangzhou, Guangdong to Haikou, Hainan

Hainan - an island off the south of China and known to be the furtherest south of China. It's basically like the Chinese version of Hawaii - just lots and lots of coconuts. Coconuts everywhere. I was on a tour with 39 people. We were all from Western countries - America, Canada, Australia etc. I honestly had so much fun with them. People were so funny and the stories they had with them were amazing. It was quite the adventure 5 days with these strangers that quickly became your friends, it was nice. I was the youngest haha, everyone were mostly retired couples. 

So just gran and me. When I was a kid my gran brought me up cause both of my parents were working and I will forever have this attachment to this woman that sculpted my life. I can never repay her but I can always love her and cherish her. So this time we spent together was just amazing. If you're lucky to have your grandparents still here with you - spend as much time as you can with them!! 

Taught gran how to use the DSLR - at first she was like you're gonna let me hold that thing?! She's pretty profresh I reckon. My grandma is the cutest. True FACT.

Third leg : Haikou, Hainan to Shanghai

First time in Shanghai and I loved it. I loved the architecture and the people. It's so fast paced and industry powered. I want to work there one day. My aunt who lives there, acted as our tour guide taking us everywhere. Fell in love with Uniqlo and Muji - please come to Sydney ASAP!!!!! Went to the bund - btfl. It was so much colder in Shanghai compared to Hainan and I conformed to wearing those puffy jackets they wear. In Shanghai I began to feel really really homesick. I remember having a panic attack cause I was so uncomfortable

Fourth leg :  Shanghai back to Guangzhou

Back in Guangzhou I finished up my shopping and visited my family. 

Last leg :  Guangzhou to Sydney

Long flight. Felt so happy when I saw the Harbour Bridge against the night sky.