Friday, July 25, 2014


I never shared the Body of Work I produced for my hsc and considering I just wanted a quiet Friday night thought I'd take a trip down memory lane.

I never liked the finished product. I liked it at this stage of the works, before it was mounted and when it was just a flat huge scroll. I wish I had better photos too. What's pictured above is about one third of the whole piece. Personally I was grateful I chose to do art in year 12 because it was sort of my stress-relief to my other subjects. I would sit and just paint for hours endlessly and it was just soothing. I would study heaps of botanical drawings for this project and constantly did practice runs in trying to perfect the colouring and mixing of colours for the plants. My favourite one was probably the Birds of Paradise (third picture).


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I am back in the land of OZ.

The two weeks in Singapore felt like a dream. It felt really surreal and for some reason I felt like I was almost just floating by and not realising how real everything was. I think we all experienced Singapore in a way we didn't expect we would - in a non-touristy type of way.

So basically this trip was to learn about HDB public housing in Singapore. The first week was field work, picking up as much information as we could in our immediate surroundings. In the second week everyone focused on their region in their individual groups. We all knuckled down to pull off a 20 min presentation. It consisted of talking to oneself in the hotel rooms, memorising of speeches in the bathroom and timed group practices. I think we all did really well. I was pretty nervous, considering we don't these types of presentations in Architecture - it's just never this formal, where everyone's dressed up and everything.

Other than that, we spent most of our days indulging in cheap food, scenic walks and shopping malls. One of the ups that I found really interesting was that the architecture kids got to sit down with Richard Hassell of WOHA at his firm. Walking into the workspace with everyone on CAD working was quite astonishing - like it was the real thing not just people doing their assignments in the labs.

Personally I think for me what I took out most from the trip was the friendships that I made. Like it didn't matter that we were in Singapore, it was just a crazy group of amazing people that made the trip. My expectations honestly weren't that high, but the whole experience kind of went beyond that. My roommate was a big bonus. She was someone I would've never ever met if it wasn't for the trip - we simply just clicked. We matched so well. I already miss her. I missed her when she flew out first. I sat in our room alone and I was like aww so lonely and quiet. But even with the others, I honestly thought we wouldn't click - I don't know somehow we all just formed these cute little bonds.

Missing everyone naw. 
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Monday, July 7, 2014


I'm in Singapore and I've been here for a week. It's been freaking hectic. I'm honestly having so much fun and the friends I've made are honestly some of the nicest people I've ever met. It's really interesting interacting with people from other disciplines and it's something you don't really get to do in uni cause it's always just your cohort, your degree. Everyone picks up different things based on their academic field, the architecture students go crazy at the architecture and the political economics scrunching their foreheads as they learn about migrants policies.

Yesterday we had our full day off and we split up and did our own thing during the day. My friends and I explored the numerous shopping malls here - honestly shops everywhere. Because its so humid here, we end up having showers like 3 times a day cause you always just feel icky and disgusting. And the humidity just hinders your energy because you just want to sleep - I've been taking afternoon naps - I never take naps at home.

Last night we all met up and went to see the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. We skipped the $25 ticket and went up to the bar and bought a thousand dollar drink. But honestly the view up there of the city as it lit up against the night sky was sickening beautiful.

Currently working on a research task - will be back soon!