Saturday, August 2, 2014


Favourite instagram snaps and shots off my phone. Uni started this week. So. not. Keen. Still on holiday mood. BUT I am excited for the new semester in that a number of crazy things are happening soon! However till then I'll just leave you with some iphone photos from Singapore and the last two weeks of holidays when I got back. I just worked so didn't even feel like a holiday. But I was lucky enough to catch up with quite a number of good mates with after-work beers and dinners. I wish I got more time with all of them, but oh wells everyone's busy busy these days. Life goes on.

Each photo has a little story behind it hahaha which I love, because they act like pockets of memories into those moments in time. For example the photo with the gradient pink artworks was taken when me and two of my mates went to a gallery exhibition open night in Singapore. And because it was an open night, combined with a small donation, we all managed to get tipsy on white wine and heineken. It was just heaps of fun because none of us were thinking completely straight so interpreting the art was just plain silly. That was a good memory.

The one thing I picked up on in Singapore was the fun of spontaneity. I realised that every day in Singapore when we went out we didn't really have a specific plan on what we wanted to do. It was more of "hey this sounds good, you guys keen to check it out?"And so my roommate and I realised that every night we'd come back to our hotel and we'd be saying "hey that was such a great night" and it was unexpected and quite crazy because we simply had no expectations.